has been developing its own Software Department since more than 15 years. More than 1500 concrete batching plants operating worldwide provide an enormous feedback for the improvement. Recently this large experience has been transformed into a simple, comprehensive and extremely sensitive electromechanical structure - a MECAS Automation System.
Only High Quality Components

The control panel in based on SIEMENS equipment which is available in all the parts of the world to provide the best quality and worldwide support. No manufacturer-specific hardware ensures maximum flexibility for the final costumer. Main logical controller is a modular SIEMENS S7-300 PLC which is proven to be robust and reliable with wide capabilities for modification and improvement. Ethernet connection provides exceptional responsiveness touch panel allows operation without the main PC.

Real Time Visualization

Main batch window resembles the actual characteristics of the concrete plant. Comprehensive visualization is showing the actual state of the related discharge gate,scale,pump,valve or any other hardware. Moreover, the main window is customizable an can be easily adjusted to changes in the concrate batch plant configuration.

Automation System
3 Main Operating Modes

The system allows Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual operating modes. Switching between modes is possible from the main batch window with a single click. The system starts in fully automatic mode by default, minor corrections and interventions can be done with the help of the buttons on scales,pumps,gates and the mixer. The system switches to semi-automatic mode automatically when operator is interfering by pressing the related buttons. In case of a need or emergency operator can completely turn of the automatic production and switch to manual mode.

Automation System

Reach In Features

Multiple Language Support

Rich Parameter Page

Right Click Parameter Access

Drag And Drop Delivery Note Editor

Automatic Silo Shaft

Unlimited Databes

Dynamic Onscreen Slump Control

Manual Production/Weighing Reports

Wide Alarm Database With Explanation, Guidance And Codes

Levelled Autorization

Easy Adaptation With New Materials

Direct Onscreen Calibration

Full Discharge Gate Sensitivity Control

Manula Moisture And Absorption Input

Batch Reports

Export To Excel,Automatic Report Saves To Cloud Drives

Periodical Backup

Rich Recipe Control And Parameters

Detailed Logbook

This is a scale of measurement that would provide valuable information for devising and evaluating ''hot spot'' control measures. Middle Scale -- This category covers dimensions from 100 meters to 0.5 kilometer. In certain cases discussed below, it may apply to regions that have a …

Optimization of Fertilizer Recommendations in Ethiopia

supply N), triple superphosphate (TSP – to supply P) and muriate of potash (MOP – to supply K). The solution Fertilzer Optimisation is an approach designed to address many of these issues. Some crops respond better to the nutrients applied than others and different crops need different nutrients – for some nitrogen (N) will be the ...

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triple superphosphate Module 3.3-11 triple superphosphate (tsP) was one of the first high analysis phosphorus fertilizers that became widely used in the 20th century. Technically, it is known as calcium dihydrogen phosphate and as monocalcium phosphate, [Ca(h 2PO 4) 2.h 2O]. it is an excellent P source, but its use has declined as other P

Soil Syst. | September 2019

In this study, two soils with different physicochemical properties and heavily contaminated with As equilibrated with solutions containing various rates of phosphates either in the form of triple superphosphate fertilizer (TSP) or as NH 4 H 2 PO 4 using NaNO 3 as background electrolyte. A treatment with TSP in water was also applied to mimic ...

Batch Weighing Systems in Australia

2020/01/24 · Kockums Bulk Systems have been designing and installing batch weighing system for the process industry for more than two decades. Working closely with Australia’s most reputable weigh instrument suppliers and ...

Agronomy Journal - Agronomy, Soils and Environmental

Abstract. This research was conducted to investigate the impact of corn cob gasification biochar (CCGB), switchgrass pyrolysis biochar (SPB), turkey manure ash (TMA), and triple superphosphate fertilizer (TSP) on soil phosphorus (P) distribution in three agricultural soils from Minnesota, USA.

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Triple superphosphate (TSP, 46% P2O5) ... Production of dried food in a batch process ... Steel hot rolled coil blast furnace route

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Compared with the CT-r system, in the 0--10 cm layer, the amount of aggregates > 0.02 mm was larger under the RT-rr system, but smaller under the CT-rr system. In the 0--20 cm layer, the organic carbon content of all fractions of aggregates was the highest under the RT-rr system and lowest under the CT-rr system.

8.5.2 Triple Superphosphates

Triple superphosphate is produced in only 6 fertilizer facilities in the U. S. In 1989, there were an estimated 3.2 million megagrams (Mg) (3.5 million tons) of triple superphosphate produced. Production rates from the various facilities range from 23 to 92 Mg (25 to 100 tons) per hour.

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Souring Quality Potassium Phosphate from Manufacturers, Factories for qualified Online Trading.

Identifying Environmental Risk Hot Spots in the Apparel

Feb 08, 2016 · Identifying Environmental Risk Hot Spots in the Apparel Supply Chain FINAL 1. Identifying Environmental Risk Hot Spots in the Apparel Supply Chain: A Case Study Using a Cradle-to-Gate SimaPro Model analyzed with IMAPCT2002+ Stefan Kuzmanovski Master of Environmental Management Candidate 2017 prepared for F&ES 889 Environmental Risk Assessment Yale University School of Forestry and ...

Maca Powder Dosage - How Much Maca to Take

Maca Dosage. So what is the correct maca dosage? That’s one of the most common questions we receive and a good one. There are several things to understand that will help you make the most of taking Maca yourself. Here we break them down and give you our complete recommendations based on over 15 years of experience with Maca.

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2015/02/25 · Batch Weighing System at Fredericks Dairies ensures 100% Batch Consistency and Paperless Lot Traceability Fredericks is a business forged by pioneers – a family of ice cream aficionados who first developed their commercial roots close to the Italian Riviera in 1896 and then exported their brand of Italian …

Neutralization Patents and Patent Applications (Class 71

Method and an installation for producing granulated triple superphosphate (TSP) ... An improved batch process for the production, ... or fertilizer component. Such use is particularly effective in precision fertilizer delivery systems having small passages which would be …

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Commodity Codes (Detail) - University of Illinois system

Communications Systems Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle (Including Installation and Removal Services) 92829 Conversion of Gasoline Fuel Systems to Alternative Fuel Systems Including Maintenance and Repair Services 92830 Cooling System (A/C System, Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator, Heater and Accessories, etc.) Maintenance and Repair 92833

Uganda National Bureau Of Standards

Kampala, 10th April 2020 - The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has certified 17 more companies to produce sanitizers as of 8th April 2020. This is aimed at protecting consumers from buying sanitisers that do not comply with standards and are harmful to their health, in the wake of COVID-19.

Source assessment : phosphate fertilizer industry

----- ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS (continued) ppb — parts per billion Q — mass emission rate, g/s R — amount of rock required to produce 1 metric ton of NSP ROP — run of pile ROP-NSP — run-of-pile normal superphosphate ROP-TSP — run-of-pile triple superphosphate S — source severity SOX — sulfur oxides SPA — superphosphoric acid ...

Brown’s Fertilisers : Triple Superphosphate (TSP)

Triple Superphosphate Crop Segments All Features High analysis phosphorus reduces freight and spreading costs compared to Single Superphosphate. Quality & Handling Nominal 2-4mm granule sizing, free flowing properties. Bulk density 1.1 tonnes per cubic metre. Blending

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Batching Scales | Batch Weighing System

Load Cell Central's batch weighing systems, and vessel weighing scales are available for many different applications. Contact our staff to get a quote on a scale system. Keep calm and wash your hands... we certainly are! We are ...

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Acidulation by means of sulphuric acid produces either phosphoric acid, an intermediate product in the production of triple superphosphate (TSP), MAP, DAP and complex fertilizers, or single superphosphate …

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NOTICE NOTICE: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States government. Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof,

RadChem 2010 (18-23 April 2010): Contribution List · Indico

The radioactivity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in different phosphate fertilizers, triple superphosphate (TSP), diammonium phosphate (DAP), monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and in phosphoric acids produced and used in the agricultural soils in Tunisia were measured.

Environmental Impact Guidelines for New Source Phosphate

TSP can be produced either as run of pile (ROP) or as granular triple superphosphate (GTSP) . ROP and GTSP can be manufactured in batch or continuous process modes. ROP triple superphosphate can be used in hot-mixed fertilizers whereas GTSP is preferable for use in dry bulk blends or for direct application.


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